Arcopedico Women's LS Shoes Titanium

Size: 36
Sale price$129.99


Arcopedico's most popular style, the LS, is sure to be the most comfortable shoe you will ever own!

The LS features twin arch support technology in the sole, providing all-day support while promoting proper alignment for the entire lower body. The techno elastic upper technology, along with special knitted nylon fibers, provide a controlled freedom for your foot shape. LS are lined with a soft interior for barefoot wear and provide built-in SanSmell™ technology to promote an anti-bacterial environment for overall foot health. 

The flexible and forgiving upper material will not restrict your feet in any way and the lace-up design allows for a truly custom fit. The knit material molds and moves with the shape of your foot providing the utmost comfort for even the most problematic feet.

These are a go-to travel and walking favourite, plus they are perfect for those who are on their feet all day including doctors, nurses, and service industry professionals. They are machine washable and 100% free of animal products!

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